Since 2005 the award-winning, nationally recognized CNS’
Anti-Stigma Program, through community education, has touched and transformed the lives of people all over the country. CNS’
Anti-Stigma Program is unique, they combine educational information, poetry, music, into presentations that spread the central message that hope and recovery with a mental illness is possible. In these challenging times they are committed to educate others about the importance of including the total person, the body as well as the mind, when treating brain disorders. The team is dedicated to sharing with everyone CNS’s mission of “Transforming lives and transcending expectations on the journey to wellness”.

Stigma is commonly held beliefs about mental illness that are not based on fact, but on opinions and misinformation. According to the Surgeon General’s 1999 report on the state of the nation’s mental health system, stigma was found to be one of the number one barriers that prevent people receiving the care that they need. At CNS we believe that education is one of the most important ways to uncover the myths about mental illness and replace them with facts.

The Community Network Services Anti-Stigma Team is available to speak to your organization. For more information or to book a presentation call 248-409-4227, or email antistigma@cnsmi.org. To find Anti-Stigma on social media:   fb-art     twitter-logo_22     shop2382000.images.Pinterest-logo-300x300

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