Case Management Services provided to 3700 plus consumers. Community Network Services offers a wide spectrum of community based support services that assist consumers with managing their mental illness and gaining maximum independence toward self-worth and recovery. Delivered by Bachelor’s- and Master’s-level social workers, CNS’ case management services provide social service supports for all aspects of consumers’ lives, reaching well beyond psychiatric or psychotherapeutic interventions.
Support Services Include:
  • Training for medication compliance
  • Symptom education and management skills
  • Linkages to community services, including employment and housing assistance
  • Assistance applying for state and federal entitlement programs such as Medicaid, food assistance programs and Social Security
  • Linking to physical health care and coordination of services
  • Community living skills
  • Substance abuse services
  • Develop Person Centered Plan which addresses the hopes and dreams of the individual
As the progress of the consumer allows, case managers also facilitate budgeting training and teach daily living skills with the goal of improving consumers’ quality of life and empowering them to live as independently as possible. Internal referrals are made to the Community Living Supports staff for housing needs as well as the Supported Employment and Clubhouse programs for consumers with work and sociability goals.*CNS also provides Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) case management services to nearly 200 persons in need of intensive supports. ACT is an evidence-based program that combines treatment, rehabilitation and support services in a self-contained team comprised of psychiatry, nursing, addiction counseling and vocational rehabilitation. The ACT team operates on a 24/7 basis, providing services in the community to help consumers adapt skills to real life settings. The program is intended for people with severe mental illness who are functionally impaired and at high risk of hospitalization.