Community Education

Community Network Services is committed to increasing knowledge and awareness about mental health amongst members of our communities.  Based on the firmly-held belief that knowledge is power, the Community Education Department at CNS travels throughout Michigan to provide fun, engaging, and informational presentations about a wide variety of topics.

Presentations may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mental Health First Aid – Mental Health First Aid is a national, evidence-based curriculum designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to help someone having a mental health crisis. Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course, and can be brought to your organization or community.  For more information about Mental Health First Aid at CNS, please click (here).
  • Mental Health 101 – a program designed by the Community Education Supervisor at CNS, this presentation helps to answer the questions, “What is mental illness?”, “Where does mental illness come from?”, and “Why do we see the signs, symptoms, and behaviors we do when someone has a mental illness?” This program helps to increase awareness and understanding of the biology of, and common treatments for, mental illness.
  • Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder – one of the most stigmatized of any mental health diagnosis, Borderline Personality Disorder is largely misunderstood.  This presentation helps to clarify how this disorder is formed, and examines the common behaviors of a person with this disorder through better understanding of the diagnosis.
  • Time and Stress Management – Gaining a better understanding of what stress is, how our body responds to it, and ways we can help manage it when it comes our way, are the objectives of this training.  Participants leave with tools for better dealing with the stress of everyday life.
  • The Power of Positive Thinking – The common thoughts many of us have are sometimes the very things that keep us from getting what we want.  In this presentation, we will examine some common unhelpful thoughts, and how we can “flip the script” and instead view our world through a positive lens.
  • Gender Socialization – the ways in which we are taught to “act like boys” or “act like girls” in our society have an effect on our self-image, self-esteem, relationships, and mental health. This interactive presentation looks at the gendered messages we often receive, and how they impact our daily lives.

We are also able to do presentations that cover topics related to:

  • Mental Health and Physical Health
  • Family Psychoeducation 101
  • Total Wellness/The Mind-Body Connection

If you are looking for a presentation, but do not see the topic listed here, please contact us.  We are always able to meet the needs of any audience, and would be happy to talk about creating a unique presentation for your group, organization, or community.

For more information, or to book a presentation, please contact Amy Stern, LMSW, at 248.409.4155 or