The CNS Community Resource (CR) Department, established in 1995, supports consumers in their goal of achieving their housing needs. More than 1,600 consumers were served by the department last year by assisting the people we serve in finding various community resource options. Ultimately being more independent is a crucial step in furthering their recovery.

Housing goals can vary depending on each consumer’s circumstances. A consumer who is living in his or her own home; a housing goal may simply mean remaining in their home. However, for a consumer who is homeless, or at risk of homelessness; finding permanent housing is the goal.  The CR Department also have consumers living in a structured setting such as an Adult Foster Care (AFC) facility.  For those consumers, finding a less restrictive and more independent setting may be a realizable goal.

The Specialized Residential program option provides housing in a group home setting supported by professionals twenty four hours each day who teach personal living skills, assist with medication administration, shopping, and chores. The Supported Independent Program (SIP) offers less intensive personal care supports to those who are better able to live on their own.  SIP homes provide support, training and encouragement to resident consumers.  Services are intended to enhance existing skills and promote more community integration.

There are a variety of community resource options to be considered for consumers who may be without income, transportation or natural supports or who may be homeless at intake. Over and above supported housing options, CR staff assist consumers in locating affordable independent housing and, in some cases, finding the resources to purchase homes. CR staff also provide assistance in securing limited rental and utility assistance.

All contracted providers are monitored and evaluated in compliance with agency guidelines annually.