cns-presidentAs I reflect on Community Network Services’ results in 2016, I am inspired.  Inspired by the successes of the more than 5,000 consumers living with mental illness and substance use disorders, we serve, annually.  Inspired by the dedication and compassion of CNS’ staff, and our board of directors’ leadership.

Since its inception, CNS has always taken care of consumers’ needs.  Providing exceptional, integrated mental and physical health care services is part of our DNA.  The initiatives highlighted in this annual report, demonstrate how CNS cares (for) and inspires consumers.

In 2016, there was a lot of discussion (among various stakeholders) about redesigning the mental health system.  This dialogue, about change, resulted in serious anxiety and concern for some of the people who actually receive our services.  People are worried.  They want to know, are my services going to be cut?  Am I going to be able to see my doctor?  What is going to happen to me, if things change?

It is a definite fact, 2017 is going to be a year of change.  I want to assure consumers that no matter what happens in 2017, you should not lose hope.  Be inspired.  Why, am I so steadfast in my positive position?  Consumers need to know, there are organizations, like CNS, who will advocate and fight everyday on your behalf.  Please understand, we are listening and willing to respond to your questions and concerns.  We, at CNS, will do everything within our power to make sure the health care system continues to represent you and fulfill your needs.

I want consumers to realize, they do not have to accept the status quo.  You have a voice and you need to make that voice heard.  When you make your voice heard, you impact the trajectory of change.

Regardless of changes, at CNS, we will continue to provide you exceptional care.  Also, I want you to let your voice be heard because your voice is an inspiration to CNS!


Michael Garrett Signature

Michael K. Garrett

CEO and President