cns-presidentDaily, Community Network Services (CNS) addresses the behavioral health needs of the Oakland County community.  Annually, CNS serves more than 5,000 consumers living with mental illness and substance use disorders.

CNS’ commitment to consumers also means we must be a valuable community partner.  CNS provides significant behavioral health and support services to communities.   Likewise, community partners contributed to the interests of CNS consumers.  A sincere thank you to our community partners, donors, the CNS Board, elected officials, friends, family members, and vendors as well as the CNS team for your continued advocacy, collaboration, expertise, compassion and unwavering support.

Nearly 20 years ago, CNS was founded on the belief that people living with mental illness and substance use disorders deserve access to integrated, high-quality, mental health services, so they can live meaningful lives in their communities.  We remain committed to this philosophy, because at CNS…consumers matter!


Michael Garrett Signature

Michael K. Garrett

CEO and President