Support Groups (1)
CNS is proud to offer almost 50 support groups that facilitate recovery, coping skills, community inclusion and wellness.  Several are offered by peers while others are offered within the case management and therapy programs.
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Some Groups Are:
  • Walking Group
  • Women’s Group
  • Female Survivors of Trauma
  • Anxiety Group
  • Men’s Group
  • Art Group
  • Music Group
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Substance Use Contemplation
  • Job Club
  • Community Resources
  • Family Support
PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) – MDCH program based on the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program that helps people learn techniques and strategies for the day-to-day management of chronic or long-term health conditions. It is a 6-week workshop conducted in 2 1/2 hour sessions each week. WHAM (Whole Health Action Management) – SAMHSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions program that increases resiliency, wellness, and self-management of health and behavioral health among people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders.  8-week program that encourages healthy eating, physical activity, restful sleep, stress management and positive thinking. WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) – Developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, WRAP provides a system for monitoring, reducing and eliminating uncomfortable or dangerous physical and emotional difficulties. Techniques include developing a support system, crisis planning, knowing the warning signs and developing coping skills such as journaling, music, diet, exercise and sleep. Smoking Cessation (Healthy Living & Choices to Quit Smoking) – 10 weekly sessions focused on dangers and cost of smoking developed by the CHOICES program at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.  Focus also includes good nutrition and exercise.