Who We Are

Community Network Services, Inc. (CNS) is a private non-profit human services agency that provides comprehensive behavioral health services.  CNS offers a wide spectrum of community-based support services, psychiatry, medication management, psychotherapy, nursing services, and case management.  CNS’ services assist consumers with managing their mental illness and gaining maximum independence toward self-worth and recovery.

Integrated Care

CNS has a health clinic for families in the Waterford/Pontiac area in partnership with the Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network (OIHN).  CNS provides the mental health services and OIHN offers primary care.  “Integrated” means a patient’s care team includes both medical and behavioral health professionals in one setting, delivering services as needed.  Patient care is also coordinated with dentistry and specialty providers.

A Standard of Excellence

Community Network Services has the highest level of accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  CNS’ CARF certification is a qualified endorsement that the services provided by CNS conform to nationally and internationally recognized service standards.

CNS Mission:

Transforming lives and transcending expectations on the journey to wellness.

CNS Vision:

The Source for exceptional wellness solutions.